Sextech Innovations that Captivate the World

”Cybrothel is the first in the world to fill its brothel with immersive AI and co-owner Matthias Smetana told his business was on a quest to develop the next-generation robotic dolls that would respond to touch and speak in real time.“

Annabel Fleming ,

” Matthias Smetana, has continued to expand their establishment’s services to include an impressive variety of unique erotic technologies“

M. Christian,

” Cybrothel’s co-founder, Matthias Smetana, also shared with The Chainsaw that one of the biggest challenges of running the venue was recruiting staff who were knowledgeable in both sex and tech spaces.“

Jie Yee Ong,

” Matthias will share his knowledge about Sex AI and shows how the digital world and artificial realities are affecting sex consumption and porn content creation through conversational LLM’s ( Large Language Models) and picture generating artificial intelligences.“

Micha Stella, Iksk-Berlin​