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The sextech industry is rapidly growing, with a projected market value of over $50 billion by 2025. It has empowered people to explore desires and break down societal barriers around sexuality. However, the industry still faces stigma, legal challenges, and barriers to funding and advertising. My services help sextech startups and established companies navigate these hurdles.
Matthias Smetana - Sextech Consult


Good Planning


Business Modeling
Analyze operations, identify growth opportunities, and develop actionable plans to drive innovation – whether you’re a startup or an industry leader.

Interim Project Management
Ensure critical initiatives stay on track with my seasoned expertise leading technical and strategic projects.

Innovation Workshops & Consulting Evolve your company by embracing new approaches and disruptive thinking to stay ahead of the curve.


Problem Solving


I’ll gather deep insights into your operations, market position, and growth potential, focusing on synergies to your existing business.

Drawing on my industry expertise, I’ll help you uncover untapped potential – whether that’s identifying new customer segments, emerging markets or Business Models

Together, we’ll turn your strategic vision into reality. I’ll provide hands-on support and interim leadership to execute complex initiatives, empowering your team to drive continuous innovation.




I focus on tangible results, not endless consulting. My goal is to push the future of sex, not just profits. You’ll have a viable product, service or innovative approach to liberate and normalize sextech.

Transformative Solutions
I bring a results-oriented mindset. I’ll identify high-impact opportunities and rapidly prototype solutions to transform your business and the sextech landscape.

Normalizing Sextech
I aim to destigmatize and mainstream sextech, empowering businesses to embrace the future of intimacy. I deliver innovative, viable ideas and put them into action.


Pioneering Sextech Innovation

As the co-founder of Cybrothel and a recognized “Sex AI Specialist”, I’m on a mission to normalize and advance the sextech industry. With a unique multidisciplinary background spanning mechanics, electronics, and international business, I bring an out-of-the-box approach to developing pioneering solutions. At the forefront of my work is the creation of transformative sex-focused AI, mixed reality experiences, and robotic technologies that redefine the boundaries of human intimacy and pleasure. I serve as a bridge between the realms of technology and physical experience, dedicated to uncovering new playgrounds and safe spaces for sexuality to thrive.

Consultancy Focus

NSFW AI Solutions

I can help companies in the industry leverage NSFW AI solutions to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive innovation

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is poised to revolutionize the future of sex and intimacy. Emerging VR technologies are enabling immersive, interactive sexual experiences that go far beyond traditional pornography

Sextoy Development

By following a rigorous product development process and staying attuned to customer needs, we can create a successful sex toy that stands out in a competitive market


Gathering like-minded individuals is crucial for sparking new ideas, sharing knowledge, and providing mutual support


In the sextech industry, it is critical to double-check values and ethics when creating products and services. Given the sensitive and personal nature of the industry, maintaining the highest standards of integrity is essential.


The sextech industry is revolutionizing attitudes towards sex, intimacy and pleasure. Pioneers in this space are breaking down stigma, promoting inclusivity, and empowering people to explore their sexuality through innovative technologies


If you are here, the only person who can judge you is yourself. We have a lot of people who have never been in touch with sex work, who are really down to try it but are looking for a safe space. If you face performance anxiety, this doesn’t go in Cybrothel as you are dealing with sex toys, not humans.” – Matthias Smetana

New York Post

“So I think right now the sex industry will move on more in the VR direction. Having sex in the digital world and the physical world at the same time.” – Matthias Smetana

Skills & Expertise

Dynamically Innovate

Sextech is revolutionizing the way we think about sex, intimacy and pleasure. As pioneers in this space, we have the power to break down stigma, promote inclusivity, and empower people to explore their sexuality through innovative technologies

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